The Walls of Limerick

We’ve been sharing some of our Irish culture with the students here in Cambodia through the medium of The Walls of Limerick.  We started off with the basic 1,2,3 step but the students were all excellent dancers and picked up the routine in no time at all!  You can see their astounding progress above.

With regards to us learning the Cambodian Saravan dance, we might have a little more work to do……..

10 Responses to “The Walls of Limerick”

  1. Aoife Nolan

    ‘a LITTLE more work to do’, hmmm. I hope that you are having a wonderful time over there, in donabate it’s cloudy 🙁

  2. The Brady Bunch

    Well done folks! Think Patrick and Caroline are safe enough for another while though!

  3. Ayse

    I hope u have a wonderful time Colm! The weather is lovely over here really hot hope the weather is lovely over there!

  4. Anonymous

    I really really like this song. And really happy when I sang.

    Hama Tung

  5. Ronouch

    I like Ireland dancing espeacially dancing with three ireland teacher.


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