Some Nice Messages From DPETNS And Beyond

Great to see many people following the blog and posting on the website. Loving seeing the kudos scores rise also. Over the past few days I got some lovely messages from DPETNS. Check out the videos and please remember to keep the comments and kudos coming.


Niamh’s 5th Class record a message for the website. I’m looking forward to challenging the class to a race on my return. 

Karen’s class belt out a tune.


My nephew Brian still seems to think my name is Carmel and not Colm!

7 Responses to “Some Nice Messages From DPETNS And Beyond”

  1. Niamh's 5th Class

    Hi everyone over in PEPY!
    We were surprised to see you posted up our video! We hope you are enjoying learning all about Dublin and DPETNS, as much as we loved learning about Cambodia and PEPY.
    Colm, we couldn’t tell when we Skyped on Friday, whether you have a farmer’s tan yet!? We were also wondering whether you will go ahead with doing a fun run type event with the route you mapped out, from Siem Reap to Donabate?
    We were brainstorming things we could do this year as part of the partnership. We can’t wait to hear what the plan is!
    Chat soon,
    Niamh’s 5th Class 🙂
    PS. Isabel says she’s looking forward to doing the Febreeze ad for you again!

  2. Emma downey

    hi Colm ,
    how are you ,
    I hope all is good in peppy .
    I broke my arm so now it is in a red cast.
    bye ,
    from Emma

  3. Jess hand

    Hi Colm,
    See your having a great time in Cambodia!
    I hope your enjoying the good wheather.
    I love the website. I see you put up the video we sent you of our class! My favourite one (apart from the one of my class) would probably be the one of the Fun Run!!! 🙂 I saw my little brother in it.
    Are you enjoying Cambodian culture!, and can you name any differences between our to schools!!!
    We miss you in school, it is very different with out you and can’t wait to see you back!!
    From Jess!!! :p

  4. colm

    Hi NIamh’s class. You’re fantastic for the comments so well done. I do indeed have farmers tan and I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of it anytime soon. We are going to do a fun run here probably in December. Yipee.
    I really, really, really hope Isabel (aka Izzy) is rehearsing that Febreeze ad. A piece of magic.
    Emma how did you break your arm? Hope you are recovering.
    Yeah I noticed Ben in the video Jess

  5. Eva

    Hi Colm,
    Hope your having a great time in Cambodia.
    The weather here is really bad.
    Hope I hear more of your stories.



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