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Here in PEPY we are going to start posting some of our favo(u)rite quotes. Please have a think about doing the same and posting your favo(u)rite quote.

The quotes can be made up by you or you can pick a quote from someone else.  The quote below is from Sina who is a scholarship student from Kralanh, Cambodia.














7 Responses to “Sina’s Quote”

  1. Chek

    Very good quote and good life and good job for you Sina and all scholarship student.

  2. Sitham

    I really like this quote. Because if you don’t believe yourself, You will be not success.

  3. Mara

    Hello! Sina you are create and I always saw you a believe in your mind when you want to do everything you always success. I hope that when I want to do everything that difficult I’ll success in my mind.

  4. Savoeng Skut

    I really love this quote. Because it related to myself. If I believe myself and trust my ability I will be have done what I want whether it not perfect. Please believe on yourself.

  5. Sokpheaktra

    Wow ! A big wonderful and excellent quote . It is very good and can push us a high encouraging!! please keep moving this to got success altogether.


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