Busy In PEPY. School Returning In Ireland

Feels a little strange not to be getting ready to return to DPETNS at this time of year. I hope everyone has a wonderful school year in DPETNS and I look forward to engaging with the school community as the weeks and months progress!

Usually in late August I’d be attempting to get my room sorted and purchase things for the classroom. This year I’m still doing those things but in the completely different setting of PEPY Cambodia. Also we work throughout the summer but have few days off in September. Best of luck to everyone and hope a fantastic summer was had!

dpetns pic

It has been a very busy week here in PEPY with tests taking place and lots of power cuts. We will be playing a football match with students and staff this weekend. Bring it on!


Organising some resources


le tamate

Some warm up-exercises.

11 Responses to “Busy In PEPY. School Returning In Ireland”

  1. Tola Reot

    This action my class in PEPY center. It was good and make me fresh.

  2. Anonymous

    we are all study hard and very happy too that we have a good class and study with a teacher

  3. Anonymous

    I like to study like this because it ‘s really important to remember and when I studied like this I can see about myself before I never do. Hama

  4. Anonymous

    I really like what did you do with me happy study with you.thank you colm. konhing

  5. Ratana

    I love Colm’s teaching very much, because there are many games and actions in the class.

  6. Chhunly

    I really really enjoy with Ireland teacher and I really proud of them.
    I’d love to say thank you teaching us.
    and I really want of visit in Ireland school.

  7. sina

    You is a good teacher and you is friendly.I really happy to study with you and with my friends to.

  8. Chek

    All scholarship student and teacher travel from cambodia to Ireland and very happy.


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