PEPY Cambodia

PEPY’s programs began with environmental education and now focus on youth leadership and supplementary education. The programs are based on the premise that improving education, providing training, and stimulating creative ideas builds capacity for people to achieve their dreams, and provides opportunities for people to make the changes they want to see in their own communities. 

PEPY’s 12 core values are:

  • Commit to our unending potential for improvement
  • Think unreasonably. Dream BIG
  • Focus on impact, not inputs. Invest in people, not things
  • Be strategic in our choices, and thoughtful in our plans
  • Collaborate, both within and beyond
  • Create and sustain a culture of open feedback
  • Work with, not for
  • Do more with less. Be responsible in our environmental and economic choices.
  • Be humble in success, transparent in failure and share the lessons we learn
  • Nurture the creative and quirky PEPY culture
  • Stay connected with the PEPY family. Wave until you can’t see them anymore.
  • Live the principles we promote. Work with integrity

Learn more about PEPY at their website.

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