On Your Mark, Get Set, Go…

It’s rainy season here in Cambodia. When it rains it pours. We got a break in the rain and headed outside today for some wheel barrow races and other exercises. What better way to spend a showery and hot afternoon.

I was Lay’s teammate and together team Cambodia Ireland finished in second place. It was great fun though exhausting.
After the wheelbarrow races we gave jockey-back racing a go. Well done to Sitham and Ratanak who were the winners of that.



It’s a bit strange not being back in Ireland for start of school in September. First time in ten years not to be returning to DPETNS at this time of year. I hope everyone has had a great start to the new academic year.

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  1. Lynda

    Speaking of downpours Colm, you may not have looked at Facebook lately but you were nominated by me for an Ice Bucket Challenge! If you can’t get Facebook we don’t mind you posting the video on this blog.
    We are all settled back here now and just getting the hang of who is where and with which class.
    In other news our past pupils did very well in Leaving Cert, with most getting their first choice college place. We are waiting now for JC results next Wednesday.

    Take care and don’t forget to post your video! 🙂

    • Sitham

      Wow it very happy but, very tired for me when we tried to use our hands for walk ( Wheel Barrow) . And also for Jockey Back it really easy for me because I used to played it before. When i was young i always play.

  2. Chek Mara

    It really nice when our play game I happy and it’s show about strength from our. I hope that our can play game like this again.

  3. Anonymous

    Hello! Colm, however it difficult for to do but I am so happy when I learn any thing from you. Hama

  4. Lek

    I really to say I like to play game with teacher. When I played I felt happy but some game when I played I felt said.

  5. ley men

    Hello Colm I’m Ley this photo is beautiful photo for my mind they called game is wheel borrow I really like this game.

  6. Anonymous

    Hello, Colm my name konhing. now I’ m looking WWW. Cambodiaireland.com. After I was reading everything have in http://WWW.Cambodiaireland .com. I really like Everything what you doing now ? I’ m like you and all scholarships student and all PEPY staff Because you all good persons. Now I’ m leaned a lot of from you new game To mate, On your mark.

    Thank you colm.

  7. Chek

    I am very happy that play with teacher and all friend and want to play again but can’t do it but I can try it.


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