My Football Team In Cambodia


So after extensive negotiations my football career over here has begun.  I joined a local side and I just made my debut for them.  We play in a league and are currently in seventh place.  Each game last sixty minutes which feels a long time in this humidity.

The games are played on astro turf and the pitch is quite big.  Picture of pitch that I played on is at end of this post

It is very easy to get out of breath in these conditions so it is vital to keep hold of possession when you have it.  By keeping hold of the ball it is the opposition who have to do the most running.

The bad news for me is that we lost our first match in injury time. We had done so well to score three goals but some slack defending right at the end cost us dear.  Good news is that I marked my debut with a goal.  Left foot strike from about twenty yards (the keeper should really have saved it but I wasn’t complaining).  Anyway we have another match on Thursday and I’m hoping for a better result for us.  Going to try and work on my fitness tonight by going for a jog! Any suggestions for a goal celebration? Something like this perhaps?

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  1. Niamh Mc

    Hey there,
    Hard luck on the loss of the game but a massive well done for the debut goal, and for surviving an hour running after a ball in that humidity!! Did you manage to get out for a jog? Is there a route that works for you near your apartment? Hope work is good and that you’re not missing Micheál and Cecilia too much 🙂
    Take care,

  2. Deborah

    What about a bit of Riverdance for your celebration ?? You had load of practice last year. And aren’t you confident that you will score another goal that you are thinking of a celebration before you do!
    Hope you are enjoying time over there making a difference. Make memories.

  3. colm

    Riverdance isn’t in my skill set Deborah. I’m hoping I get to try out a celebration in match this Thursday!

  4. Chek Mara

    I would like to play football. It’s nice when I upset I always play football.

  5. Chek

    Colm I want to play food ball with you. If you play food ball again you can call me. And I want tell good team.


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