La Tomate

La Tomate is great game.

First learned¬†it when we did playground games from selection of countries as part of Comenius a few years back.¬† I’m the current 6th class champion in DPETNS but I was knocked out early here!

Plenty more games of La Tomate to follow this year. Next time I hope for better luck!

10 Responses to “La Tomate”

  1. Chek Mara

    thank you teacher for teaching from game for our class. I really like this game happy and i want to play game again.

  2. Ley Men

    I like to sing a song together and with English song as well and it make funny song for me I really like your song

  3. Anonymous

    It is a new game that I never play before it is so happy. I really to play it again

  4. Sokpheaktra Thy

    I am really happy to study with play because when we learned with game it can be make us not bore and It can be push my mind want to do everything. I absolutely like.

  5. Chek

    I want to Colm that I likes the came so much and i want play came very day but don’t have free time for play came.


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