Irish Teachers In Cambodia

Micheal, Shelia, Niamh, Fiachra and Colm have all arrived safely in Cambodia. Over the next three weeks Niamh, Shelia, Fiachra and Micheal will be teaching scholarship students in the Learning Centre and visiting the Dream Class. 
The guys have a busy schedule over the next three weeks which includes recording a partnership song with the scholarship students and when they return children in DPETNS and BETNS will also record it later this year. 
In addition, they will be designing classrooms in the Learning Centre and in the Dream Class to enhance the learning environment. GAA will also make its way to Cambodia as the scholarship students are getting their introduction to gaelic games on Saturday with Fiachra. Niamh, Colm and Shelia are working hard on creating a Learn Together booklet which will enhance the teaching of the subject in DPETNS and BETNS. Micheal is providing the students with essential interview and CV writing skills and the occasional jig and reel along the way.
The group are very excited so keep an eye out for video and photo updates on all these events. ‪#‎3weeksinsummer‬

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