Here in PEPY we recorded a short video to say hello to our friends in DPETNS. The students talk about what they know about Ireland and DPETNS. We hope you like it.

The scholarship students here are looking forward to getting to know their future penpals in 6th class and children, teachers and parents from other classes also.

10 Responses to “Hello DPETNS”

  1. ÉABHA

    hi colm its me eabha hows it going in Cambodia secondary school is going well nice thanks for the messages have to go do homework now:( bye p.s. like the beard 🙂

  2. ÉABHA

    hi colm it was my birthday yesterday had a great time how do you like teaching in Cambodia have gone to the school on Fridays anyway bye from eabha 🙂

  3. Kate Smart

    Hi Colm,
    I love the idea of mapping out the journey from Siem Reap to Donabate. 5th Class is going very well so far.
    Keep up the good work! See you in April.


  4. colm

    Hi Eabha great to see your message. Real glad to hear that you’re getting on well in secondary school. Are you getting much homework? Glad you like the beard!

  5. colm

    Hi Kate. Thanks for the message. Yeah the idea of mapping out the journey was originally Micheal’s and then Cormac did a fancy powerpoint for it. Glad you like it.

  6. Anonymous

    Hello COM my name konhing. I really like you do this. Please, remember all together with your heart. I will remember you forever.

  7. kate mcgowan

    hi colm i think that the poster thing from siem reap to donabate was a great idea in the skype i loved hearing all about the coke explosion and how you were doing good luck for the rest of the year

  8. amy nugent

    Hi Colm i think the coke explosion was very interesting i hope you are well i hope are class can skype again Bye

    • colm

      Oh that’s great to hear thanks for the comment Amy. I am very glad you liked it. I was impressed with your class and I thought you all seemed to know a lot about Cambodia. Evan really seemed to know his stuff!


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