Cecelia And Micheál Say ‘Lia Suhn Haoy’ To Scholarship Students

On Saturday Micheál and Cecelia left Siem Reap. Both contributed hugely to a very successful past three weeks. They gave and got a huge amount from their work with PEPY Staff and scholarship students.

cecelia micheál pepy students

12 Responses to “Cecelia And Micheál Say ‘Lia Suhn Haoy’ To Scholarship Students”

  1. Sitham

    I really want to say thank you so much and good bye for Micheál and Cecelia. It is the special day for me went we met you.

  2. Chek Mara

    I really happy when i study with three teacher from Ireland. he always funny and find to understand about our. I really miss and i want meet teacher again.

  3. serey

    I like this photo I want to study with Micheal and Cecelia again. And I want to say happy very much when I studied with Micheal, Cecelia and Colm.

  4. Sokpheaktra Thy

    I would like to say i miss Celia and Micheal .I want to meet him again.

  5. Tola

    When I see this Photo I feel that miss you so much Micheal and Cecelia. Thank you Colm.

  6. Cecelia

    I love this photo! Makes me a little sad though as it feels like such a long time since I’ve seen everyone. I enjoy reading the blog to keep up to date with what you are doing though! 🙂 Hope everyone is doing well and that you have all acquired a good waterproof jacket to keep yourselves dry!!!

  7. Chek Mara

    I really miss you! Cecelia I really hope that you will meet our again soon!!

  8. Chek

    Cecelia and Micheál I miss you so much and I want meet you again. Do you come cambodia next year?

  9. Tola

    Thank you Cecelia for your reply. During this week I have final exam I hope will be get good score.


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