Building a Better Future

On March 10th, the Cambodia Ireland Changemaker network hosted the Building a Better Future event. A group of over 60 people gathered together in St. Patrick’s DCU for a panel discussion and Q&A session followed by a cultural celebration. The network co-chairperson, Nadine Ferris, led the panel discussion with representatives from the Cambodian Ministry of Education, See Beyond Borders, the INTO and National College of Ireland to discuss educational development in both Cambodia and Ireland. Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, our Pepy Empowering Youth colleagues could not attend the event, where their input and expertise was missed. The network co-chairperson, Micheál Garvey spoke briefly about their work and developments.

As mentioned by network member and principal of DPETNS, Maeve Corish, Ireland can learn from Cambodia’s educational journey and vice versa. The event was an opportunity to acknowledge the great development of the Cambodia Ireland Changemaker network recently in working alongside the remarkable organisations – See Beyond Borders and PEPY Empowering Youth.

The panel discussion was followed by some Irish dancing, traditional Irish music and the popular Cambodian song ‘Arapia’.  The country manager of See Beyond Borders, Pov Pheung said the final few words of the event, noting the vision shared by Ireland and Cambodia for educational development.

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