Anyone Interested In Cycling Around Cambodia?

Last year I completed the PEPY Ride around Cambodia. Check out short video below to see what’s on offer and to see me mess up while trying to catch fish.


A fantastic experience. Any ETNS parents/staff up for the challenge this year?

9 Responses to “Anyone Interested In Cycling Around Cambodia?”

  1. Chek Mara

    I would like to say i really like cycling. funny and happy if it’s have a cycling again i really want to cycling too.

  2. Chhunly

    Wow!! Wow!! PEPY Tour, I really want to see that activity happen in Chanles Dai.
    I never forget all that activities in Chanles Dai

  3. Lynda

    Hi colm, really enjoyed the video, especially the expert fishing technique!

    All back to school today, it seems strange here without yourself and Patrick. As always on day 1 we had a few tears and one or two reluctant to return – and that was just the staff, haha.

    Keep up the good work, hopefully we can sort our some video conferencing soon so we can bring you live into a classroom. Talk to you soon,

    • colm

      That sounds great to me Lynda! Hope all is well in DPETNS. Glad you liked the fishing! Regards to Angela and everyone else there!


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