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CambodiaIreland Changemaker Network is a mutually beneficial partnership between Cambodian and Irish organisations. Our aim is simple- to enhance education in Cambodia and on the island of Ireland.

Because of CambodiaIreland, Cambodian-based charities gain access to the skills of Irish educators, scholarship opportunities and the support of Irish fundraisers and donors.

In return, Irish citizens get to enhance their understanding of social justice issues, connect with the Sustainable Development Goals in a meaningful way, and play a real role in becoming active global citizens.

The CambodiaIreland Changemaker Network works with a number of Cambodian based charities. They include SeeBeyondBorders Ireland and PEPY Empowering Youth. Both are supported by Irish Aid and the INTO and both take part in the annual exchange programme.

Every year, Cambodian staff and students visit Ireland, and Irish staff visit Cambodia. This is a fantastic learning opportunity on both sides – but it is also more than that. At the heart of the CambodiaIreland Changemaker network is genuine reciprocity, shared learnings and lasting friendships.

1SeeBeyondBorders works on upskilling teachers in early grades to provide children with a quality foundation in maths and literacy. Its approach uses a combination of best practise teaching workshops, and ongoing peer mentoring to ensure continuous and sustainable support for teachers. it is the only charity in Cambodia to win a UNESCO award for imporving teachers. SeeBeyondBorders Ireland is a registered charity in Ireland

1PEPY provides college scholarships for young adults, empowering them to build brighter futures for themselves and their families. The scholarship students also gain access to the PEPY learning centre. There they receive support in areas like English, ICT, confidence building, and critical thinking, to help prepare for college and later life.

We in CambodiaIreland don’t want to see anyone left behind. Right now in 2021, Cambodia trails far, far behind its neighbouring countries, but we are working to change that.

CambodiaIreland has had unparalleled success.

We are bringing the SDGs to life
1Enhancing Cambodian teachers.
1Enhancing Irish teachers.
Creating better learning outcomes
for children and young adults.
1This is real change, for real people.

The objectives for The CambodiaIreland Changemaker Network are:

  • To inform everyone of the work to date and what we hope to do in the future
  • To discuss and create as a group the next step in the emergence of the Cambodia Ireland Changemaker Network (CICN)
  • To meet and inspire each other through our connection to Cambodia-Ireland
  • To convince everyone here that we all have a meaningful role to play (if we want it)
  • To raise awareness of and advocate for education and development issues in Cambodia and Ireland
  • To create a space for people wanting to contribute to education and development in Cambodia and Ireland to come together, learn, exchange and inspire each other
  • To facilitate partnerships, links and collaborations between individuals and institutions in Ireland and Cambodia
  • To raise funding to support initiatives and partners in Cambodia

Contact us today(cambodiairelandnetwork@gmail.com) to see how you can get involved.

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