A Video Message For Balbriggan Educate Together School

Here in PEPY this week we have been researching and learning about Balbriggan Educate Together School.  Cecelia was of course out here in PEPY over the summer and we know that they will be learning about Human Rights in BETNS soon. We look forward to engaging with both BETNS and DPETNS this year.




5 Responses to “A Video Message For Balbriggan Educate Together School”

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Pepy & Colm
    We have just watched your video and we really appreciate it! Well done to everyone for their work about Ireland, Balbriggan and BETNS. Thank you for putting it together. We are hoping to send you a reply soon.

    Bye :o)
    Mary’s 4th Class in B.E.T.N.S

    • Anonymous

      Hello! Mary in BETNS,
      I have just watched your comment. I am really excited to heard that.
      I really please to wait learn from a lovely country is Ireland.

      The Best Regard,
      Sokpheaktra ssp,

  2. Orlagh's 6th Class

    Hello (or as we say in Irish, Dia Duit!)

    What’s up? We’re Orlagh’s sixth class in BETNS. We really loved watching your video. We appreciate the tribute you made to Ireland, Balbriggan and BETNS. We can’t wait to learn all about Cambodia. We would love to see your lovely country.

    Goodbye from Orlagh’s 6th class, BETNS

    • colm

      What’s up Orla’s class. Delighted you guys liked watching the video. Looking forward to you guys learning more about Cambodia this year. Thanks for the comment.


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