First Day of work completed!


Initially we had bit of difficulty finding PEPY’s offices.  You’d swear one of us was here before!  As we arrived we were met by all of the PEPY staff and some artwork they had produced to welcome us and celebrate the partnership.


Following a brief orientation session we met PEPY’s management team.  They were hugely enthused by all the great work being done in DPETNS.  We presented the baton which we used in our Cambodian Fun Run.  It made a real impression and was really great gift for PEPY.




Finally today we took the Scholarship students for the final couple of hours of the day.  It was great getting to know them and learning from them! Micheál managed to even teach them ‘çúpla focal’




6 Responses to “DPETNS and BETNS Arrive In PEPY”

  1. Fiona Holohan

    Glad to hear you got there ok. Best of luck in your work & keep us posted. Sun is shining here & I’m in watching the World Cup …. what’s happening 🙂

  2. Caroline Doyle

    Hello guys!

    Well done on a brilliant first few days over in the fabulous Cambodia! Well, I am most impressed to hear about the dancing. Will there be a posting to youtube of the Walls of Limerick? This will be a must see! No better team to make it a big success.

    So looking forward to the next stages of the project next year and welcoming Cambodian visitors to our school. Sounds like a fantastic progression and will be so enjoyed by children and adults alike in DPETNS. Maith sibh go leir – continue to enjoy 🙂


    • colm

      We are currently negotiating with youtube, sky, kkmer tv and hbo to see who wins the rights to screen the dancing Caroline.

    • Micheál

      Hi Caroline
      Great to hear from you
      Sorry, but due to recent success I am in charge of Irish Dancing for Fifth Class next year
      When you watch the video

  3. Noah Kelly

    Hi Micheal and Colm – can’t wait to see you both dancing! Argentina won on penalties last night. Good thing my mam got me this Argentina jersey from Penneys!!


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