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What an Amazing First Week!

Sous S’dey from Cambodia. Can’t believe we are at the end of week one working with PEPY students. Dee, Maeve, Mary and Micheál continue to be blown away by the enthusiasm and motivation of the PEPY students. Maeve and Mary have been working with the students on Positive Mental Health focusing on giving gratitude. The students learnt the importance of positive thinking. This is so important for us to achieve our hopes and dreams. Maeve has also been doing lots of drama, taking on the role of the big, bad wolf in the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Dee and Micheál challenged the students to identify their character strengths and weaknesses for their CV and for interviews. They have also been doing brain training puzzles, encouraging the students to think outside the box. Break times are full of playground games with PEPY students having lots of fun playing switch and hopscotch. There has been an exchange of cultures including Irish dancing and Khmer songs. Looking forward to more learning and fun activities next week. 

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