Niamh Kershaw Video Message

Last year Niamh, Jenny, Cormac and I travelled to Siem Reap.  While there we met the fantastic people in PEPY for the first time.  Today we wish Niamh a very happy birthday.  PEPY Staff and students joined with Micheál and I to record this short message for her.  Credit to Cecelia for steady hand on the camera!

7 Responses to “Niamh Kershaw Video Message”

  1. Cian

    Well done colm,
    Brazil were trashed by Germany last night,
    the score was 7-1.

    • Micheál

      Hi niamh
      Have now mastered the website!
      It was wonderful celebrating your birthday as we did
      We did a similar video for Rosemary
      What an experience I am having
      You’re one person who gets what I mean
      Have a great holiday
      Looking forward to another great partnership in September

  2. Channa Kev

    Hello, Micheál, How are you to day? I would love to say MISS you so much and i hope, one day i will meet you again. Thank you so much teacher!!!


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