Maeve Corish is the principal in #DPETNS. She provides us with a favourite quote set against a nice Cambodian backdrop. Heed Maeve’s advice. #Bekind and #makeadifference. We hope #Santa is good to Maeve and everyone else in Ireland and Cambodi

Just be kind!

Just be kind!

2 Responses to “Maeve”

  1. Eoin & Colm Byrne

    What did you have for Christmas dinner, did you use chopsticks!!! Colm Jnr recons stabbing the food doesn’t count. What’s the plan for new years eve? Great to see you’re keeping busy with all the running, you wouldn’t be able to run here today because it’s so icy. Hello to all from Eoin & Colm Byrne

    • colm

      Hello Byrne brothers. Great to hear from you both. I had pasta and cheese for Christmas dinner. Also I had several desserts. It was scrumptious. What did you lads have? Hope you have had a nice winter break. I miss the ice and cold weather I must say. Thanks for posting on the website. I’m bringing you both back t shirts for doing so!


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