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Hall Of Fame

PEPY scholarship students sing ‘Hall Of Fame’ by Irish band ‘The Script’. We hope you like it. If you do please consider giving it a kudos/comment! Perhaps version two can be performed in DPETNS in a couple of months.


8 Responses to “Hall Of Fame”

  1. Ronouch

    i love it and thank for Cecelia that teach us to sing this song.

  2. Ravy Vath

    feel fresh after sang it.
    And Happy very much for all the best with Ireland.

  3. Sitham

    Wow, we very surprised when we sing a song together. And I’m very satisfied to a song and the meaning of song”Hall Of Fame”

  4. Chin Chhunly

    I am Chhunly, I was very proud of Ireland Teacher,
    Thanks for your shearing.

  5. Chek

    All the scholarship student and all teacher in Ireland teach all scholarship student sing song at center PEPY and very happy and I miss you teacher Cecelia and Micheál.


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