Educate Together and Cambodia. A Learning Exchange

DPETNS-Cambodia Partnership

Some background to the partnership between Donabate Portrane Educate Together and the organisations in Cambodia. 

Who are we working with?

PEPY and Seedling of Hope. Both local organisations work primarily with children in Cambodia.  PEPY helps with empowering children and improving educational standards.  Their programmes include teacher training, dream classes and English learning classes.  Seedling of Hope supports children and families affected by AIDS and HIV to meet their psychosocial, medical and educational needs. [read more at]

Why are we doing this?

Put simply, to enhance the children’s learning!  It will be a reciprocal learning exchange. Through this partnership we have a unique opportunity to work directly with children and teachers living in Cambodia.   The children in our school will develop an appreciation of some of the important health and human rights issues faced by the world today.   By connecting with children in Cambodia in this exciting way, the children in our school can develop relationships and an understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by children in Cambodia.

It is our hope that the children in our school will feel empowered to be able to make a difference in the world.  Some of the teachers in DPETNS will travel across to Cambodia and work directly with teachers and children there.  They will provide support on curriculum development, teaching methodologies and no doubt be inspired to bring back what they have learned to our classes when teaching Learn Together.  We will also have the opportunity to fundraise and support some of the excellent work currently happening in Cambodia.

Why Cambodia?

Cambodia has a population of 14million – 1/3 of the population still live below the poverty line – on less than 50c per day. Among the biggest development challenges for Cambodian people are poverty, education and health. They are all interconnected as it’s a vicious cycle – poverty leads to ill health, and ill health leads to poverty – education is affected by both as instead of going to school children need to work or care for their families.  Like Ireland, Cambodia has a troubled recent history with the impacts of war and conflict still affecting both countries to this day.

What are we going to do?

·         Cultural exchanges:

o   Celebration of Cambodian and Irish cultural festivals (all classes)

o   Shared artwork between DPETNS and PEPY (all classes).  These pieces of art will be built around common themes studied in both organisations

o   Pen pal pairing and exchange (4thand 6th classes)

·         DPETNS Learn Together Programme incorporates health and development-related studies such as Positive Mental Health, Human Rights Week, World AIDS Day, Global Handwashing Day, etc

·         Teaching and Curriculum Development

o   Teacher training workshops – Teachers from DPETNS will travel to Cambodia to work with local teachers during the summer break

o   Teaching students – DPETNS teachers will travel to Cambodia to teach primary school aged children and give support on curriculum development

·         Global Health interactive workshop for 5th and 6th classes

·         Parent Information Meeting, January 2014 (date to be confirmed)

·         Fundraising to contribute towards ongoing programmes of PEPY and other educational resources for Cambodia (70%).  Remainder of money is used to part fund a fraction of the costs for individuals going over to Cambodia during the summer (30%).

How can you help?

·         Learn with your child about Cambodia!

In 2013/2014, we will organise some events around the theme of Cambodia to raise funds for the DPETNS-Cambodia partnership. We really look forward to your participation!

Coins for Cambodia, December 13-January 13: The children will be celebrating the Cambodian Water Festival ‘Bon Om Touk’ and making their own water boat to float as well as marking World AIDS Day by making a Red Ribbon.  Each child will make a small box that will be sent home for December and January to collect coins to fund the partnership with Cambodia.  Foreign coins are also welcome! A coin container will be available just inside the main entrance to the school for those who may need to empty their containers before end of January.

Turning the Wheels for Cambodia:  Colm will be cycling around Cambodia with a group from PEPY during Winter Break.  He will cover 900km in 14 days.  All money he raises will be going into the DPETNS Cambodia Partnership Fund.  Please keep an eye on the school website over Winter Break for updates on how he is progressing.

Cambodian Day of Fun, 7th of February 2014: The children will take part in a school run from Donabate to Phnomh Penh, where each class will run through a different country on route to Cambodia. Sponsorship cards will be sent home.

Adult Fun Run, 7th of February 3pm: Parents and runners/walkers are invited to participate in a 3km or 7km run/walk from Donabate to Phnomh Penh.  To encourage those interested but who feel they need some support, starting on the 11th of December at 7pm at the school and every Wednesday evening from then until7 February, the ‘couch to 5k’  will be running.

Community for Cambodia Social Night, 7th of February: Beaverstown Golf Club.  A fun social night will be hosted where all parents/guardians and friends are invited to come and let their hair down.

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