Hi Colm,
It’s your favourite 3rd Class here!!
We have a few more questions for you…
Alex C – My brother is doing well I guess in secondary school but he’s never home and I don’t talk to him much!
Sophia – Do you celebrate Halloween in Cambodia?
Lara – If there is, does anyone ever play tricks on you? Or what was the best trick someone played on you?
Alex C – Have you made any friends in PEPY or Cambodia?
Katie – Do you have a favourite restaurant over there?
Hazel – Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what? What did you dress up last year?
Ellen – Is it hard to use chopsticks?
Holly – Micheál asked us how you were doing with the chopsticks?
Do you teach on Saturdays and Sundays?
Eve – Are there any other traditions apart from Halloween?
Ben – Do you have a car?
Milan – How is your knitting going with chopsticks?!
Lucie – You have the same name as my Uncle! Why?
Loretta – Have you forgotten how to text people?!!!
Mark – Is your wifi good?
Alex C – Jamie N is doing good with the ladies (as per your last reply!)
James – are the toilets clean over there?
Ben – Do you have X box, PS3 or FIFA 15?
Sophia – How is learning Khymer going?
Lara – Was Micheál annoying when he was over there??
Zoe – do you like it in PEPY or are you missing us?

Cormac – When are you free because we would love to organise a Skype and see your lovely apartment?